The Static-First Future + A Discussion of Frameworks & Libraries

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Join us as we take their first stab at this podcastin' venture! We were so excited this episode turned into a two-parter.

Part I: The Jamstack & A Static-First Future

Phil tells the tale of two identical names but one that looked like someone accidentally had the caps lock on (JAMstack) and how it made much, much sense to readjust the name to look normal (Jamstack).

Then we take a journey into the future as Divya leads us in a discussion about the static-first future of the web to come.

We also discuss some interesting projects and how we have seen the community work together through these trying and remote times aka Code in the Time of COVID-19.

Part II: Libraries & Frameworks + What Comes Around Codes Around

We've all worked with a number of frameworks and libraries. So, what was good about them, and what doesn't work for us? Discussing the highlights and not-so-great aspects we see how many similarities these different libraries and frameworks have. And get this, we don't' even break out into raucous, name-calling spat!


"Today in Jamstack"
"Fun things we've seen on the web"
"What makes a good framework?"

As always, we hope you find it remotely interesting.
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