025: Jamstack Journey with Evan Weaver, Fauna CTO

can i ask you about trust (*゚ー゚)ゞ
Welcome to Remotely Interesting brought to you by Netlify. To day we have the pleasure or meeting up with Evan Weaver, CTO of Fauna to hear about his Jamstack journey.
People who were remotely interesting:
And special guest: Evan Weaver, Fauna CTO
Who is he?
  • Co-founder, CTO (former CEO) of Fauna
The Jamstack Journey
  • ~2017 Global transactional database tech based on Twitter experience
  • serverless before there even was 'serverless'
  • in 2016 people wanted servers not APIs
  • ~2018 found early adopters building GraphQL interfaces for Fauna in the Jamstack
  • pivot to developer-led db as a service
  • & the rest is history
Being OK with the Weird
  • him & co-founder (Chief Architect) Matt Freels ex-Twitter anarchist hippies
  • Twitter: home of the weird
  • off the shelf solutions like Cassandra & MongoDB wouldn't work for what they needed
  • considering the journey of other small teams and how to help them
  • "fundamentally motivated by anger and rage" fave quote of the show & why Fauna came around to help
  • Moore's Law pun
Where to Focus First
  • there are only so many large companies w specialized dbs
  • for the rest of us they wanted to make off-the-shelf dbs that would grow with company
  • LAMP era analogy & steak dinners & web 1.0
  • data replication and inability to modernize
  • 100s of millions of dollars a year on Oracle
  • from the developer out
  • provisioning microservices and GraphQL
  • the permission chain of architectural change
  • "you don't know what the future is going to be you just know you need to iterate"
Phil Wants to Talk to About Trust
Delegating Databases & Legacy Struggle
  • knowing just enough to be dangerous
  • some Phil puns
  • no one migrates their database
  • you can port if you want to...but maybe don't
  • decoupled architectures besides the Jamstack
  • mixing and matching
TidBits & ThoughtThings™️
What is something old that you have that getting rid of isn't easy?
  • sad rags
  • more Pheels about Phil philtting and philing shirts
  • not getting rid of old things...on purpose
  • computer treasures, we want that data
  • ummmmbilical cords & Beautician and the Beast
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As always, we hope you find it remotely interesting.

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