030: State of the Jamstack Survey with Seldo

All the datas!! What can we glean from the results of the Jamstack Survey and also what can’t we?
Welcome to Remotely Interesting brought to you by Netlify. In this episode, we talk about the results of the Jamstack Survey and what we learned from it.

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  • 00:55 - Topic and guest introduction
  • 04:18 - What were your goals with the survey?
  • 09:26 - Do you plan for a coordinated survey effort?
  • 10:30 - Are there any surprises in the data? 18:07 - Do you see moments when everyone starts using a new thing reflected - in the data?
  • 22:23 - Frameworks tend to have a long half life
  • 26:26 - If developers like it, that's the thing that will win
  • 30:38 - Is there a developer experience survey?
  • 32:41 - Is there data that doesn't meet the cut for the survey results?
  • 34:17 - Tidbits and Thought Things
As always, we hope you find it remotely interesting.
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