The Jamstack Can Do That: Access Control

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Did you know that Jamstack could do that?? Apparently, Phil didn't BUT fear not, we helped him remember he actually knew alllll about how you can easily add authentication, gate content and do so much more with authentication in the Jamstack.

Discussion Points
  1.  We cover a few different project and posts the team has been working on to showcase using authentication. 
  2. Jason then gives us an amazing overview of what's going on with access control and authentication. He covers different approaches and the magic of JSON Web Tokens (JWTs). Go figure Jason talks about JSON ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
  3. Cassiddy joke interlude
  4. Whaaaat you can do that with a redirects file!
  5. Divya's amazing work with both Netlify Edge handlers and redirects
  6. URL shortners & the amazingness of Kent C. Dodds's projects + envy
  7. Cassidy's Next.js & Identity and Jason's super-thorough Subscription and Protected Content with Stripe post
  8. aka using roles to make games
  9. What about content onle one person would see like dashboards or billing on the Jamstack?
  10. Ending TidBits & ThoughtThings™️ 


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